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Benefits of Providing Employees with Mental Health Assistance

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Around the globe, there is a greater acceptance and understanding of mental health concerns. The stigma around conditions like depression and anxiety has reduced, while the importance of taking care of your mental health is increasingly being emphasised. Awareness of such issues has been spread by social media, and younger generations today are much more vocal about the need for emotional wellness.

In the midst of such rapidly changing landscapes, employers need to rethink their approach in order to remain competitive. Clinical studies have shown how workplace stress can cause or exacerbate existing mental health issues, which is a growing concern among employees. There is also a demand for more treatment options like counselling and psychotherapy to support workers struggling with their mental health.

To address these changes in expectations, companies can look to provide their employees with mental health assistance. Such support can come in the form of psychotherapy clinical interventions or skill-based workshops and training sessions that promote psychological wellness. Here are some of the benefits of these programmes.

1. Prevent Burnout

Employee burnout is a significant problem that businesses should be paying attention to. It can lead to lowered quality work and higher turnover rates. In tight labour markets, companies need to ensure that their employees’ mental health needs are properly addressed for better job performance and overall well-being.

Businesses that operate in high-stress environments are especially vulnerable to employee burnout and stand to benefit from employee assistance programmes in Singapore. Such programmes are tailored to match organisational requirements and can provide effective solutions to reduce burnout among workers. Mentally healthy workers are generally more motivated and can be a valuable asset to their companies.

Prevent Burnout-employee assistance program singapore

2. Improve Productivity

Addressing mental wellbeing is one of the best ways to improve workplace productivity. Positive work cultures that support and enhance their employees’ mental health can have a big impact on job performance.

Often mental disorders are not immediately obvious. People struggling with chronic conditions like depression and anxiety, or those who have recently gone through traumatic changes, are likely to hide their problems from colleagues and bosses.

However these issues may lead to increased absenteeism and drag down productivity. Rather than taking extreme measures, like firing underperforming employees, businesses should look to implement long-term strategies to promote mental health in the workplace.

By offering services like depression counselling, grief counselling, or other mental health interventions, organisations can help struggling employees turn the corner and return to their most productive selves. By fostering an environment where employees feel comfortable seeking help for their issues, companies can improve morale and productivity among their workers.

Attract and Retain Talent-counselling singapore

3. Attract & Retain Talent

Mental health benefits can also be used as a perk to help attract top talents or to retain your best employees. Workplace stress is one of the most commonly touted reasons for employees leaving, and companies with a reputation for stressful work environments are less appealing for new hires.

If your business offers mental health assistance to employees, like health plans that cover therapy and counselling sessions in Singapore, then it signals to potential talents that your organisation is dedicated to creating a positive, healthy working environment. With younger hires increasingly prioritising their mental health, they are more likely to want to work at a company that is aligned to their needs.

Building a culture around caring and promoting holistic wellbeing are strategies that pay dividends in the longer term. With increasing awareness, it’s also much easier for companies to offer their employees mental health assistance and allow them to be the best version of themselves. Healthy employees are also less likely to burnout, more productive, and more likely to stay and contribute to organisations that prioritise their mental health.

At Redwood Psychology, we are dedicated to helping you through life’s many challenges. Our qualified and experienced team is committed to providing expert psychological services to both individual and corporate clients. Contact us to learn more about what we do and book an appointment with us today.


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