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Edwin Sam

Edwin Sam

Organisational Consultant

Master in Public Administration, BA (Hons), ACTA


Edwin is experienced working with the government and the civil society across ten Asia-Pacific countries, providing expertise in the areas of consulting, transformation, capacity building and philanthropy advisory. For a period, he worked for the Singapore government in the design and delivery of policies and programmes for the seniors and people with disability population. At the Agency of Integrated Care, he led one of the satellite offices and was one of the key figures to implement the pilot of the Community Networks for Seniors, in preparation for nationwide scale-up. At SG Enable, he provided the overall strategy development for Consumer Inclusiveness to foster an inclusive society.


A seasoned educator and speaker, Edwin is also an adjunct lecturer at the Social Service Institute, under the National Council of Social Service. He speaks and moderates panel discussion at forums that address social needs and innovation. Edwin is trained in public policy, professional coaching, and is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and the Personality System (DISC).


When working with individuals, he spent over eight years as a leadership trainer and coach, with participants from more than 10 countries. He had personally coached them in career and life goals, facilitating major decisions at significant junctures of their lives. As a former civil servant, he had work within the government to create programmes and policies that addresses the needs of the vulnerable populations. He enjoys creating positive impact and change at both the individual and community levels.

Some of his consulting and training assignments had taken him to various countries in Southeast Asia, India and Sri Lanka. During a consulting trip to Cairns (Australia), he survived a near-fatal bite by a paralysis tick while working on a project in a rural area.


  • Learning and Development

  • Public Policy

  • Strategic Communications

  • Public Education Campaigns

  • Asset Based Community Development

  • Stakeholder and Volunteer Management

  • Community Engagement Strategy  

  • Philanthropy Advisory

  • Impacting Investing

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion

  • Leadership Coaching

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