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Nicole Chua

Nicole Chua

Organisational Consultant

BA (Psychology)


Nicole is a seasoned executive & organisational consultant specialising in Organisational Culture, Adoption and Change Management.

She is an advocate of “Being the Change” when it comes to people engagement and leadership, in view of her mission to activate change agents from within organisations that she works with. With her 15 years of providing consultation for organisations, she has co-designed programs that are pivotal in the employees’ leadership journey in these organisations. Known for a flair at managing diverse perceptions and troubleshooting implementation challenges, Nicole is adept at positively engaging all levels of stakeholders during the process.

Nicole brings a fresh perspective to clients with her diverse background trained as an Executive Coach, Workplace Health Consultant, Certified International Cultural Engagement Specialist and is a Professional Singapore Certified Management Consultant. She has been actively integrating coaching and experiential learning methodologies into the design of shared experiences and culture building for teams to achieve sustainable team development and engagement. This intentional design and process driven approach provided a holistic activation for organisations who are serious about developing and activating their people but also creating value and results.

Specifically in the area of DEI and Sustainability, Nicole has been able to create opportunities to drive inclusive behaviours through leadership & learning strategies that blend both practical in-person programs and compelling virtual learning. The journeys are designed to allow stakeholders to drill down into systemic change with their requirements for audit and analysis. And just as meaningful was the ability to translate some of key themes into activation and initiatives that can support their employees alongside the business growth strategy.


  • Culture Transformation 

  • Workforce Strategy 

  • Change Management 

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

  • Sustainability Activation 

  • Employee Engagement

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