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Psychological Assessment Singapore | Redwood Psychology


At Redwood Psychology, our clinical and educational psychologists provide a comprehensive range of psychological assessment services for children, adolescents and adults in Singapore. Types of psychological assessments available at Redwood Psychology Singapore include psychological evaluation, psycho-educational assessment and forensic psychological assessment.

Psychological Evaluation

The main purpose of psychological assessment and testing is to help adults gain a better understanding of his/her behaviour, identify personal difficulties with cognition, and better understand personal strengths and weaknesses.

This psychological evaluation includes an assessment of cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning.

Each psychological evaluation is tailored to the specific needs of the individual. At times, tests will be administered to assist each individual with diagnosis and treatment planning.


Psycho-educational assessments are suited for children and adolescents aged 3 – 18. These assessments are useful in identifying your child’s capacities in areas of functioning that relate closely to their school achievement. The psychological assessments can be used to assess for school readiness, identify giftedness, learning differences, facilitate special education services, accommodations in the classroom, as well as for diagnosis (e.g., specific learning disorder, autism, ADHD) in Singapore.


Psychological assessment is not simply administering a test. There is no such thing as an ADHD test or dyslexia test. Redwood Psychology Singapore offers comprehensive psychological assessment and diagnosis that require experience and expertise in triangulating evidence gathered from multiple sources. It involves differentiating and ruling out other potential causes that can result in symptoms that mimic these conditions.


A full learning assessment includes minimally a cognitive assessment (IQ test) and an academic skills assessment. The combination of these tests provides valuable information not revealed by any test on its own. Additional tests or questionnaires may be useful depending on the presenting issues, such as, social, emotional, attentional and behavioural challenges.

Forensic Psychological Assessment

Redwood Psychology offers specific forensic psychology services like psychological assessments, expert opinions and psycho-legal reports for criminal, civil and family law matters in Singapore.

Our expertise lies in violence risk, suicide risk, sexual offending risk assessments, personality assessments, custody evaluations and diagnosis of psychopathology.

The psychological assessment process starts off with a clinical interview, followed by the use of standardised assessment tools (e.g. cognitive/ achievement/ personality) and semi-structured clinical tools specifically designed for use in forensic settings. Other assessment procedures (e.g. review of medical/ educational records, behavioural observation and corroborating interviews) are included as required.

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