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Throughout history, people have always been involved in supporting different causes, social issues and helping one another. There are countless inspiring stories of people who gave generously, provided shelter at their own homes, and some even gave their lives. These remarkable acts will always remind us that human kindness is real and selfless. At Redwood Psychology, we believe in the immense potential of people converging together, contributing toward worthy causes and supporting one another.

Using the science of psychology, and with an experienced team with extensive knowledge of the social sector, we are here to support charities and corporations to design and enhance your volunteer management framework and goals.

Our team has experiences in designing national-level volunteer programmes, engaging specialist volunteers in carrying out capacity building initiatives in the cross-countries projects and teaching volunteer management courses to social sector professionals. We bring in our knowledge and expertise of organisational development, strategy formulation, implementation science and community engagement to expand and accelerate your organisation’s impact.

Depending on where your organisation is on the volunteer management journey, we are here to help. Be it starting the conversation with your board members and senior leaders on the value of having proper volunteer management programmes, reviewing your current volunteer management framework and policy, or redesign your entire volunteer engagement journey. Or simply conducting customised trainings to upskill your current community of volunteers.

We are here to help, so that your organisations can grow from strength to strength.


Drop us an email at for a discussion.

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